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Posted: Maret 23, 2010 in education
We realize that our human resources is still low, and of course we still have an optimistic attitude that can lift the human resources. One of the pillars that can not be overlooked is through non-formal education, or better known as special education schools.

As we know, that the lack of human resources we can not be separated from the low levels of public education, especially at school age. The low quality of human resources is caused by many things, such as the inability of school-age children to continue their education to higher levels, as a result of poverty is wrapped around family life, or could have been caused by the dropout rate, the same is caused by economic factors.
Therefore, to the attention of government through the spirit of regional autonomy is mengerakan non-formal educational programs such as Act No. 20 of the National Education System straightly and firmly states that non-formal education will continue to be cultivated within the framework of community-based education to realize, and the government joined responsible for the continuity of non-formal education as an attempt to resolve the 9-year compulsory education.

Within the framework of the expansion and generalization of formal education, in stages and will continue bergukir coverage and improved community participation and local governments to explore and exploit the full potential of communities to support education outside the school, the strategic plan for provincial and district level cities, are:
  1. Distribution and range expansion of early childhood education;
  2. Increased equity, coverage and service quality equivalent to Pursue Package A equivalent to primary and junior B;
  3. Accomplishment of illiteracy through functional literacy programs;
  4. The expansion, equity and improving the quality of women’s education (PKUP), Parent Education Program (Parenting);
  5. The expansion, equity and improving the quality of continuing education through training programs courses, study groups of business, internships, scholarships / courses; and
  6. Strengthening and independent Implementation Teaching and Learning Activities that have been institutionalized now in various areas.
In connection with efforts to improve the quality and relevance of education, the School of Special Education program is more oriented to market needs, without neglecting the academic aspect. Therefore, Out of School Education Program to increase the knowledge, skills, professionalism, productivity, and competitiveness in the capture market opportunities and business opportunities, then the strategic plan should be formulated are:
  1. Improving the quality of staff’s Out of School Education;
  2. Improving the quality of facilities and infrastructure to expand services Out of School Education, can improve the quality of processes and outcomes;
  3. Improve quality control program through the establishment of competency standards, curriculum standards for courses;
  4. Enhance partnerships with stakeholders (stakholder) as Dudi, professional associations, training institutions; and
  5. Conducting research kesesuain School Special Education program with the needs of society and the market. Similarly regard to improving the quality of education management.

Out of School Education Strategy in the context of regional autonomy era, the strategic plan is carried out are:

  1.   Increasing community participation and local government;
  2.   Institutional Development of Special Education School;
  3.   Utilization / empowerment potential sources of the community;
  4.   Develop communication and information systems in the field of Special Education School;
  5.  Improve facilities in the field of Special Education School

The spirit of local autonomy Out of School Education focused on learning the business in the field of local skills, either individually or integrated. They are expected to be able to optimize what they already have, so it can work more productively and efficiently, then do not close the possibility that they can open job opportunities.

Special Education School use meaningful learning, which means more market oriented, and learning outcomes can be felt directly benefit both the community and learners themselves ..

In the development of Out of School Education, which needs to be concern that, in an effort to empower the people would be able to read and seize the opportunity of regional autonomy, non-formal education in the era of regional autonomy was given the opportunity to do, because it impossible to increase community empowerment and a burden on the formal education alone, but also formal education have the same responsibility. .

Therefore, Out of School Education targets more focus on early childhood education, basic education, continuing education, and women.

Further Education Out of School should be able to form a highly competitive human resources, and the very young is determined by the human resources (early), and the fitting of Foreign Education in schools as an alternative in the future increase in human resources.

Education Out of School into the community and government responsibility in line with Community-Based Education, Special Education School administration is more empowering communities as a planning, execution and control, Out of School Education should maintain the philosophy of better hearing from the hearing, the Government of provinces, districts and cities on an ongoing consistently paid attention to Special Education School as an effort to increase human resources, and Special Education School as one solution to the problems of society, particularly children of school age who are unable to continue their education and drop out of school aged children I hope.

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