Being Male Multi Orgasm

Posted: Oktober 24, 2009 in kesehatan

Not only the Eve, you can achieve multiple orgasms. Namely, your orgasms without ejaculate. If you want to learn how to train yourself to achieve multi orgasm bias, not only you who will be pleased and happy. Your partner is also no less happy, because the endurance and your valor.

Some men are not only prolong the sexual relationship, but also to have an orgasm without ejaculating by repeating this technique when they almost reached orgasm, three or four times.

Some men practice to have an orgasm without ejaculating by pulling his penis a few seconds before ejaculation (coitus interuptus). They returned if the level of sexual rangsangannya somewhat decreased. Practice while you masturbate while fully concentrating on your stimulation process.

A man tells his experience: “I started training myself pull the penis just before orgasm to make sex last longer. We almost reached orgasm, I pulled out my penis and stimulates me with his spouse. Then, come back when I insert the penis I am less excited. I can control the level of stimulation that way “.

He continued, “One night after repeatedly delaying ejaculation, I have an orgasm without ejaculation. This extraordinary experience. That night, I reached orgasm several times before ejaculation, which was much stronger than I’ve ever felt before”.

Well, now, how you can achieve multiple orgasms as men experience this? There are several things you should do:

First, when you have sex, use a variety of movement patterns, not monotonous. Second, stop moving when you almost reach orgasm. Third, delay ejaculation with pubokoksigeus muscle tone, and continue the movement slowly.

Finally, every time you almost reach orgasm, the muscles tighten pubokoksigeus to prevent it. You will experience the sensation of orgasm, although more diffuse because without ejaculation
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